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2018 - 2019

May 8th, 2019


Approval of last meeting’s minutes

Introducing Robert Kinghorn (New Principal)

Financial Update:

Academic Update:

Any other items:

Future Agenda Items:


Meeting dates: See you next year!


March 13th, 2019

Members present: Michelle Wunderlich, Buck Ekstrom, Maude Beckman, Ron Bailey, Rachel Black, Emily Montoya, Kristine Munk

Last month’s minutes approved. Rachel motioned, Michelle seconded, unanimous.

Financial Update: Just over $5000 left. It can roll over.

SIP mtg on March 25@8am Kendall Bldg.

K-3 has increased reading scores. This is in part due to phonics, PLC, and Latinos in action.

SIP Objectives and where we want to allocate money:

  1. Attendance
  2. Math is the same. The district provides funding. Designated $15,000 for subs for Math Professional Development.
  3. Language Arts
  4. Science SEM money
  5. Quality Staffing

$8000 for Americorps Mentors

The item of stipends for STEM endorsements was tabled.

Meeting adjourned. Ron motioned, Michelle second, unanimous.

February 13th, 2019


In attendance: Maude Beckman, Ron Bailey, Kristine Munk, Buck Ekstrom, Michelle Wunderlich, Rachel Black

Excused: Kirk Redford, Emily Montoya

Approval of last meeting’s minutes: Buck motioned, Ron seconded, unanimously approved

Financial Update:

  • Title I budget cut discussion: Ron motioned to approve trust lands funds to pay for teacher salaries from last year's carryover (about $50,000) so that we are in compliance with our expenditures.  Rachel seconded the motion.  Vote was unanimous.
  • Discussion about remaining CC funds

Academic Update:

  • Attendance initiatives: We discussed the several attendance efforts and policy. Clarification will be made with teachers so that attendance activities are based ONLY on attendance (i.e., Not homework completion, etc.)

School Improvement plan from 2018-19 will be emailed to committee members for their reviewing preparation for the 2019-20 SIP.

Any other items:

Future Agenda Items: Budget Review, SIP


Meeting dates: March 13th, April 10th, May 8th @ 4:30pm


December 12th, 2018

Members present: Michelle Wunderlich, Buck Ekstrom, Maude Beckman, Ron Bailey, Rachel Black, Emily Montoya

Excused: Joshua Stott, Kirk Redford

Last month’s minutes approved. Rachel motioned, Michelle seconded, unanimous.

Financial Update: Three 2nd grade TA’s have been hired. The 6th grade ordered their laptops. iPads were ordered. We should have about $15,000 left in our budget. We need to spend it ALL of the budget.

  • Absences are greater this year than last year. How can we improve this?
    We have a plethora of incentives, maybe they are just getting old and need to be reemphasized.
  • How can we invest parents? Do we need new incentives?
  • Video Contest idea was discussed. Students could submit a short video. We could show them at school, in the announcements, etc. We could create a school YouTube channel.
  • Could we get celebrity endorsement? (Short blurbs from celebrities talking about attendance to play on various platforms.)
  • The school improvement plan is due March 25th.

Motion to adjourn by Buck, Maude seconded, unanimous.

Next time: Talk about mini grants. Update the proposal form. They should also attach the school improvement plan and their goals.

November 14th, 2018

Members present: Michelle Wunderlich, Buck Ekstrom, Joshua Stott, Maude Beckman

Visitors: Kristine Monk

Excused: Ron Bailey, Emily Montoya, Rachel Black, Kirk Redford.


Reading of last meeting’s minutes by Michelle Wunderlich. Buck asked that we specify that the academic update ranking was in Dibels.

Buck motioned that we approve with the adjustment, Michelle seconded, the motion was carried unanimously.


Financial Update: This year’s funds are about $50,000. We’ve only encumbered about $7,000 for extra SEM hours and $2,000 for attendance.

  • Buck asked if the council would consider paying for part-time teachers assistant for the 2nd Grade team. The TAs would be half time and would cost $7,000 each for a full year. After discussion that we allocate $18,000 to hire 3 teacher’s assistants for the 2nd grade team. Michelle seconded. The motion was carried unanimously.
  • Debbie Williams (2nd Grade) asked for an additional 10 iPads to replace old ones that no longer work. The cost would be $400 each + incidental. Buck motioned that we approve $4500 to purchase 10 iPads, cases and chargers. Josh seconded. The motion was carried unanimously.
  • 6th Grade laptop update: Buck will follow up with price as 6th grade team had not gotten back to him.
  • Resource help: not needed right now. Wasatch elementary is brainstorming with us to create a step between resource and a learning center.
  • Academic Update: Buck will email attendance data.
  • New School update: Building is scheduled to start next spring/summer. Buck wants to start planning a groundbreaking ceremony for the community.
  • Buck would like to have a school song. Michelle suggested we have the students enter a contest for the lyrics. Michelle and Maude have an idea of someone who could help put it to music.

Next meeting: Follow up on 6th grade laptops and approved expenses. Start planning next year’s school improvement plan in January and February. The district’s planning meeting is March 25th, 2019.

Michelle motioned we adjourn the meeting, Buck seconded, and the motion was carried unanimously.


10 October 2018

Members present: Maude Beckman, Michelle Wunderlich, Josh Stott, Buck Ekstrom, Ron Bailey, Rachel Black, Emily Montoya,


Members not present: Kirk Redford

We still need to approve minutes from the May 2018 meeting.

The computers for the 5th grade were delivered today.


  • Motion: Approve the minutes from last meeting with one change.
    Michelle motioned; Rachel seconded. Motion carried.


  • No financial update.
  • The 6th grade would like 6 extra laptops. The committee would be happy to supply funds. The overall question and concern are what type and how much money was needed. There was much discussion about laptops vs CloudBooks. Buck will follow through, asking the 6th grade teachers to get a bid from STS, and check with the 4th grade to see if the programs the 6th graders need (Universal Sandbox, and weather apps, etc.) will work on the CloudBooks. The committee will then vote via email to get them the devices faster.
  • The 6th grade teachers also would like access to Mastery Connect. This will give them the ability to graphs and other data from teachers around the country. The cost will be $750 ($250 per teacher).

Ron motioned to approve the $750, Buck seconded. Motion carried.

  • Academic Update: Buck will forward more information.
    South Clearfield was ranked 3rd in the district for the highest growth, 2nd in Title 1.

This year’s focus is writing, next year will be math. The other 3 foci are 1- Core Phonic Survey, 2-More effective use of Data Binders, 3- Opening Your Practice (Swivel Cam Project)

  • The PTA President is Ashley Martin.
  • Rachel mentioned a "Communities that Care" workshop on October 24 from 11-2. Maude and Michelle will attend.

Meeting adjourned at 5:40 pm.


11 September 2018

Meeting called to order at 4:05 pm.

Members present: Maude Beckman, Michelle Wunderlich, Josh Stott, Buck Ekstrom, Ron Bailey, Rachel Black, Emily Montoya,


Members not present: Mr. Redford

Minutes will be sent out from the last meeting for approval.


  • Motion: Maude Beckman to serve as the 2018-2019 Community Council Chair

Vote: Motion carried (unanimous)

  • Motion: Emily Montoya to serve as 2018-2019 Community Council Secretary

Vote: Motion carried (unanimous)


  • Each member of the Community Council needs to attend a Council Training (list provided) or watch a PowerPoint.
  • Motion: Ms. Ovard would like a few extra Cloud Books for the second grade. Committee decided on 4 extra devices and 5 mice or $1500, whichever is cheaper.

Vote: Rachel motioned; Maude seconded. Motion carried (unanimous)

  • Enrollment is lower this year, around 500 students.
  • Budget of $50,000. We should apply for grants from various companies. We should also encourage teachers to ask us for exactly what they want, and we will try to give it to them.
  • We should invite/encourage other parents to join the Community Council.
  • Motion: The Community Council will meet the 2nd Wednesday of every month at 4:30.

Vote: Unanimous

Meeting adjourned at 4:40 pm.