• South Clearfield Elementary

    "A compelling place to learn!"

    South Clearfield Elementary

     Mission: Shared Inspired Learning

    Vision:  The purpose of South Clearfield Elementary is to promote the mission of learning first for all.  To accomplish our purpose, we are unified to create a compelling place to learn! We create a school culture of continuous improvement in learning and teaching through (1) shared vision, value, and beliefs; (2) supportive structural conditions; (3) unwavering focus on student learning; (4) collaborative teaming; (5) focus on results through data-based assessment and instruction; (6) instructional agility. 
    Clearfield was once known as a peaceful farming community. Most school age children walked several miles a day to the school in Syracuse.  In 1907, the new Clearfield Elementary School opened its doors.  The school taught 1st through 8th grades.  In 1923, a terrible fire destroyed the school.  A new school was built immediately and called, Pioneer School. The Construction of Hill Air Force Base in 1940 quickly provided many jobs which brought many people to the Clearfield area.  A new, very modern South Clearfield Elementary was built in 1950 to keep pace with the growing population.  Our school is now 65+ years old.

    South Clearfield Elementary currently serves approximately 550 students from various backgrounds. These students are taught by highly qualified, dedicated teachers that truly understand the needs of every student.