• South Clearfield Elementary

    "A compelling place to learn!"

    South Clearfield Elementary

     Mission: Shared Inspired Learning

    Vision:  Our school family inspires caring and confident children with a laser focus on learning first, so that students will: 1) Work hard, 2) Make smart choices, 3) Attend college, & 4) Serve.  
     Clearfield was once known as a peaceful farming community. Most school age children walked several miles a day to the school in Syracuse.  In 1907, the new Clearfield Elementary School opened its doors.  The school taught 1st through 8th grades.  In 1923, a terrible fire destroyed the school.  A new school was built immediately and called, Pioneer School. The Construction of Hill Air Force Base in 1940 quickly provided many jobs which brought many people to the Clearfield area.  A new, very modern South Clearfield Elementary was built in 1950 to keep pace with the growing population.  Our school is now 65+ years old.

    South Clearfield Elementary currently serves approximately 550 students from various backgrounds. These students are taught by highly qualified, dedicated teachers that truly understand the needs of every student. 

    The Principal is Buck Ekstrom:   bekstrom@dsdmail.net
    The Assistant Principal is