In the interest of helping students to succeed and making the most of the taxpayer’s investment in our schools, Davis Education Foundation in cooperation with Davis School District is refurbishing computers that would be sold as salvage and making them available to students who would not otherwise have access to a computer in their home. While these systems are certainly not state-of-the-art, they will meet the needs for most students at home. We have a limited number of these computers and, therefore, wish to award them to students who have the greatest need and would make the best use of the gift. Please do not apply if you already have a working computer in your home. The computers are complete systems. They include a CPU with CD-ROM,keyboard, mouse, speakers, modem, and monitor. The original operating system is installed, along with some personal productivity shareware. You could expect to receive a Pentium class computer with at least 512 Meg RAM running Windows XP. The systems have been thoroughly tested and are in good working condition, but are not warranted by Davis Education Foundation, Davis School District or the manufacturer.  To be considered for one of these systems, complete the following application and return it to your principal.