Panther Book Club


Dear Panthers,

            This year, our school began a new and exciting way to gather and enjoy reading: Book Club!  Our book club is designed to work very much like the book clubs that adults participate in: a group of people pick a book that they’re interested in, they read it by a certain date, and then they discuss it together.  The most important part of the process is the last step.  Talking about a book, sharing deep thoughts, and considering other people’s viewpoints are the goals of a Book Club.  Plus, of course, having fun!

            Because Book Club books are based on their interest in the book, not based on its difficulty level, some students may have trouble if they try to read it on their own. We are driven to meet the students where they are and get them excited about reading. So even if a student can’t read a book independently, he or she can still listen to it! Below is where your student will log into the Book Club using their myDsd login to have the book read to them if they would like. We do want to encourage them to follow along using their own copies if they choose this option.

           To encourage students to read, there will be questions in their morning meetings at school and if they are able to share their thoughts, opinions and trivia they will be rewarded for putting in the effort to follow along and keeping up with the schedule. Our schedule ties in well with the reading requirements many teachers have assigned for homework. So yes, reading club can be used as their reading homework!

          We are so excited to go on our first adventure together reading Mary Norton’s “The Borrowers”. Each family has been given a copy that will be sent home with the oldest child. By reading with your child for just 15 minutes a day you will increase their logical thinking skills and give each of us an opportunity to promote a foundation for academic excellence by enhancing their concentration and discipline. This will provide them with learning tools for life.

         We can’t wait to hear from your students about book club. If you or your student has any questions about book club or would like to place a recommendation for a future book, feel free to contact us!



Mary Nortons The Borrowers
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